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Jay Dobrin is both the Chief Instructor and the founder of British International Fighters Federation (B.I.F.F.)

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Welcome to the official website of the British International Fighters Federation - This site will give you an introduction to us and the systems we teach.

Grand Master Brian Jones has just published his life long ambition, a book called "A Kun Tao - Integrated form of three martial arts".
This book contains Brian's personal writings, and all his own drawings and interpretations going back over 5 decades. Involving the martial arts of wing Chun, Tai Chi and Escrima. Grand Master Rene Latosa has personally hand-written his approval in each book.

Master Jay Dobrin will pass on any orders for Brian new book. This book is a limited edition, it has only been published for Brian Jones. This book will not be available in bookshops. Once it's gone, it's not going to be republished.

British International Fighters Federation

Helping the Metropolitan Police to keep a safer London

The British International Fighters Federation (B.I.F.F.) delivered a specialists seminar in close combat and edged weapons to various police force instructors from within the United Kingdom at the Hendon Police College in London. The B.I.F.F. would like to thank the Hendon Police College and their CO11 instructors for their cooperation in setting up the training schedule. The B.I.F.F. has trained various police and army personnel over the years, and the B.I.F.F. system is always being monitored and upgraded.

The motto of the B.I.F.F. is: "Simple and to the point"


The B.I.F.F. Escrima system will teach through all the ranges of sticks, long and short, single and double, left and right handed... | more about Escrima

Jay Dobrin and Phillip Chenery – stick and knife training

Chinese Boxing

Chinese boxing is an evolution of Jay’s original Wing Chun background and unarmed Escrima...
| about chinese boxing

Chinese Boxing
Jay Dobrin and Kevin Tucker – chinese boxing training

B.I.F.F. History

An extract from an interview from the last year (2005) with Jay Dobrin, the Chief Instructor and the founder of B.I.F.F...
| read B.I.F.F. history

B.I.F.F. History
Brian Jones and Bill Newman
(teaching Wing Chun in 1970)

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