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Jay Dobrin is both the Chief Instructor and the founder of British International Fighters Federation (B.I.F.F.)

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Fighting Systems

On B.I.F.F. we teach two major fighting systems: Escrima and Chinese boxing.


Most people seem to think of Escrima as "stick fighting", that is like only seeing the tip of the iceberg & then realising later that there is much more below it. The B.I.F.F. Escrima system will teach through all the ranges of sticks, long and short, single and double, left and right handed.

The use of all bladed weapons-machetes, axes, knives- is part of our training. All bladed weapons are taught "live" - with sharp weapons.

Jay Dobrin explains:

" We teach with nothing but live weapons because this is the way that It was originally taught, and I feel that it is correct to continue to teach the system in this way for the maximum benefit of the student.

As with most martial arts, you need to get as close as possible to a real situation to become accustomed to our bodies natural responses, nerves, shaking, adrenalin, all of these things can be worked if you know this is the way you are going to react.

Working with real knives makes your approach to situations realistic. There are many things you may do against a dummy blade you certainly wouldn’t do when confronted with a real one!”

Jay Dobrin and Kevin Tucker – live blades training

Jay Dobrin and Phillip Chenery – live blades training

Jay Dobrin and Phillip Chenery – stick and knife training

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Chinese boxing training

Jay Dobrin and Phillip Chenery – chinese boxing training

Jay Dobrin and Kevin Tucker – chinese boxing training

Chinese Boxing

Chinese boxing is an evolution of Jay’s original Wing Chun background and unarmed Escrima.

Sticky hands is taught in Chinese boxing, this is a "must", for learning "Feel and technique" in close quarter unarmed situations, both with knives and unarmed.

From Kadena-de-Mano, the unarmed side of Escrima, working against knives and sticks is important. This helps the student get used to the "feel and fear" of live blades and as close to a real situation as possible.

Different fight situations are also trained - multiple opponents, different distances, the use of elbows & knees unarmed against different types of weapons.

Basic fitness and fighting skills are trained heavily with focus on free fighting and sparring.

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