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From: Jay Dobrin, Senior Chief Instructor

To all BIFF Instructors

In recent weeks, questions have been raised regarding the structure and function of the BIFF organisation. There has been some confusion about recent improvements to the BIFF System and how this might relate to the BIFF syllabus and the grading system. I hope that this document will give some clarification.

On another matter, I have also been invited to make judgement of people’s character as a result of personal disagreements between various Instructors. This saddens me that friends and colleagues who I respect equally, are upset with each other.

I believe that adults can think and make decisions about how they choose to live. I might agree or not agree with that decision, but I have no right to judge the thoughts or behaviours of others that do not affect me directly.

I want to make my position very clear.

  • I award grades on merit only
  • I respect every person that I teach
  • I am motivated by fellowship, not money

This is what I do. I train fighters. I am not a mediator or a referee.

British International Fighters Federation

Senior Chief Instructor (Jay Dobrin)

The role of the Senior Chief Instructor (SCI) is to provide advice, training and grading in the British and International Fighters Federation (BIFF) system.

As the SCI of the British and International Fighters Federation and Master of the Biff fighting system, I have dedicated much of my life to teaching and promoting excellence in the martial arts.

As the founding member of BIFF I have developed and taught the system of Escrima and Chinese Boxing that has come to be known as the BIFF fighting system. Since the formation of BIFF many people have trained with me and some have achieved high grades. I continue to support and applaud all those who have worked so hard to achieve and maintain high standards.

Membership Requirements

BIFF is a federation of martial artists who have qualified to be instructors in the BIFF fighting system and who are committed to the promotion and development of excellence in that system.
Full Membership is only given to individuals and clubs that are committed to learning, teaching or practising the BIFF training methods and syllabus. All that is asked of Members is to join in fellowship with the sole purpose of teaching and practicing the BIFF fighting system to the best of their ability.

It is the policy that Instructors keep all monies they have made from the day to day running of their clubs. However, commercial agreements between individual Instructors and clubs are outside of the scope of the BIFF organisation.

All Members and Affiliates of BIFF are invited to share their knowledge and insight of the martial arts with each other.

BIFF Members are encouraged to offer consultancy, training and advice to any who practice martial arts responsibly.


Some qualified BIFF Instructors have chosen to develop and teach other systems and have their own grading requirements. These systems may have incorporated some BIFF techniques and training methods.
Such Instructors and clubs who practice these systems are welcome to become Affiliates of BIFF and will have access to the BIFF community in the spirit of fellowship.

BIFF Grades can only be awarded to those who practice the BIFF fighting system. It is not possible to award grades to students whose training syllabus has significantly deviated from the approved BIFF fighting system.

Grading and Consultancy

As Senior Chief Instructor and Master of the BIFF system, I offer the service of Grading, and Consultancy to all members of the federation.

A qualified BIFF Instructor may award grades against the skills, knowledge and performance requirements of the BIFF training program and syllabus.

An Instructor cannot award grades that are higher than his/her own grade.

An Instructor cannot award grades equal to his/her own grade without the supporting opinion of at least one other Instructor.

It is standard practice for a consultancy fee to be paid for a grading. This fee is an acknowledgement of the expert judgement of the Instructor(s) and the time and dedication involved in attaining their grade.

The main Instructor of a Biff club has the right to promote, who ever they feel, within there own club or clubs. There successor is there own responsibility.

Each instructor is responsible for grading there own students only. Unless invited to grade.


Instructors have become confused there is only one Biff system. THE ONE THAT WORKS.

Old biff ? Grades 1-6 = instructor grade. Levels being levels of knowledge (not dan grades)

Problems with this are…. Students graded to instructor (6) then disappear and are not interested in being taught levels 1-5 Results in BIFF system being watered down, or not completed to a good standard. This type of instructor is not a good representative of the BIFF.

New BIFF ? Grades 1-7= instructor grade. All levels included.

Problems, none. A complete instructor. Of good Standard.

If a club instructor prefers to teach in either way it is his/ her responsibility to the students.

The Biff system will always change because that is the nature of combat, if it works you can survive if you just think it works you might not.

I Jay Dobrin as the most senior instructor and founder of the Biff, have changed or altered various techniques that did not work in a pressure situation, I was put in these situations personally and felt the need to safe guard future students from possibly new and dangerous situations.

I do not alter techniques, just for fun or to confuse students.

As stated previously, I can only upgrade the systems I know.

We have many instructors within the BIFF that teach to a very high standard in many different martial arts and we need all that knowledge.

I will sum up by saying, the BIFF will not get involved in personal disputes, Your clubs, monies, grades, are your own responsibilities. If students meet our Biff standards we will grade them, if they don’t we will fail them.

Any Instructor or student who no longer wishes to be part of the BIFF has the right to leave. I wish every one could get on, but if that was the case there would be no wars.

Every instructor has earned the right to my respect, I am an old fashioned fighter, not a politician, or peacemaker. If you want me I will come to you, If you don’t then I wish you well.

Continuous Improvement

As SCI and Master of the BIFF system, I continuously challenge and test the effectiveness of this system. I do this in order to ensure that this fighting system can remain effective in real combat situations. Consequently, if I discover a weakness in the system, I will make an appropriate Syllabus adjustment to support the future survival and safety of BIFF students. To this end I share new developments with BIFF Instructors at every opportunity. I cannot, in good conscience, withhold such changes if I believe that the change could preserve someone’s life in a real combat situation.

All Members are invited to suggest improvements to the current BIFF fighting system. Such suggestions will be seriously considered, discussed and tested by the SCI prior to acceptance into the BIFF syllabus.

Instructors are required to maintain their continuing personal, professional development and cascade new learning to their students as appropriate. BIFF Members must stay up to date with developments in the BIFF fighting system.

Instructors and Students who hold existing grades in the BIFF system are not required to re-take their grades as a result of a change to the BIFF training methods or syllabus. They are, however, required to learn and cascade the syllabus change to appropriate students. This will ensure that the BIFF System is being trained out consistently in all clubs, in all countries.

Master Jay Dobrin

Dated November 07

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